Saturday, September 29, 2018

Pierwalker Log: September 29, 2018

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1. Failure: Align-edit chapter twenty

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8. The Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Two: Secondary edit number one of chapter four

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Extra notes: Busy week coming--hair cut, doctor's appointment, plus whatever else comes our way.

This has been a tough, stressful year for Kye and I. A little normalcy, a little more quiet, a little less storminess would be appreciated. The park we were evicted from is just a mile and a half upriver. A couple days ago someone vandalized our car--they scratched up the trunk, about $400 dollars' worth of damage according to the sheriff, who left just a couple hours ago.

Almost certainly it was the owner of the park, or one of his vile employees. They came around about 4 a.m. the morning before last. Kye heard them but didn't think anything of it. The park's owner is pissed because I reported his repeated acts of animal cruelty to PETA, who, after we moved, contacted the Oregon State Police. My guess is that the asshole is going to be, or has been, fined, and not a small amount of money either. Good.

He's one of the most vindictive individuals I've ever had the misfortune of knowing, however; so I guess I should have thought that he might do something like this. He's a pathetic, small-minded and -spirited man who worships Trump and thinks (like Trump) that he's above the law. But as I'm certain the OSP reminded him, he's not.

I've gone through much of my life with enemies. Many times that's all I had. Truthfully, I'm not an easy person to know and like: I refuse to go along and get along; I refuse to stop thinking for myself--the default mode of most of humanity; I refuse to join herds; and I refuse to be intimidated by those with more power or prestige or money than I have--like that dickhead park owner. That tends to piss those fuckers off. The problem is, those bullet points paint a broad swath that colors the majority of the human species.

True friends are desperately rare in this world, which is probably why I write about them so much, or why I write about the philosophy and requirements of friendship so much. The people you feel closest to in this world are almost certainly not your friends. They are, at best, acquaintances. And it isn't love you feel for them, or them for you, but affection, which isn't the same. Like true friends, true love is also desperately rare.

Don't get too down on me for that. You can read similar if not word-for-word declarations in most relevant literature by most relevant and worthy authors; and it shows up in popular entertainment all the damn time. It's just one of those things that people hear but refuse to acknowledge. Having loped through this tangle called life mostly friendless, I've had plenty of time to think about this stuff. Decades, actually. And I have thought about it very deeply all that time, and continue to do so today. If true friendship were the norm, our world would look completely different. Our world would not be baking to death; our oceans would not be choked with billions of tons of plastic; starvation and war and disease would exist in far lesser degrees than they do now; despots would not rule so much of the world; science and reason would reign along with faith; and people like this nasty-ass park owner would've probably lost his business ages ago because people would refuse to give him any.

But alas, such is not so.

This blog is one channel for me to offer my being, my thoughts, my true friendship to an apathetic, at-best-merely-acquainted world. Not too long ago I resolved to actually be a friend, remembering the maxim: If you want a friend, you must first be a friend. Growing up, I thought that I would have friends because I was a friend to so many. That wasn't true; and that's not what the maxim implies.

I hope you didn't fall into that trap too.