Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pierwalker Log: September 1, 2018

Writing start: 10:36 A.M.
Finish: :1:49 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 0
Edited (est.): 8800


1. Failure: Align edit chapter one
Notes: After more than a month off, I've gone back to the beginning. I decided to ax the prologue.

2. Book Three Melody: Off

3. Watson: Primary edit number six of chapter nine
Notes: Done, and sent to Kye. I've stuck the project back into the rotation.

4. Love Story: Read-through

5. Ant story: Off till Tuesday.

6. Fractalverse: Off

7. Firefly: Off

8. Gilligan: Off

Special. Obituary edit number three: Off till Wednesday.

Extra notes: Kye and I have been through what can only be described as a month of hell. I don't know if I have ever worked so hard in my life. We were evicted, had to paint the rig to be acceptable to our next place of residence, and had to deal with astonishingly awful behavior from our former landlords and their employees, as well as by residents who sucked up to both and saw their chance to treat both of us horribly.

We were evicted because, last year, I contacted PETA over a horrible scene of animal abuse that I and a vacationer witnessed, and was perpetrated by the park's employees. I'll spare you from more description. Suffice it to say that everyone I've told has held up their hands and urged me to stop talking before I even finish. Everyone, including the lawyer we consulted last month. I'll let your imagination fill in the rest.

The park owner found out in mid-June of this year that it was I who had contacted the animal-rights nonprofit, and came to our door to confront me. During that confrontation he was insulting, bullying, and finished by threatening us, which we promptly reported to the sheriff. On July 30, we were served a "no-cause" eviction notice, which is entirely legal in Oregon (amazingly). What that means is that the landlord does not have to give a cause for the eviction. In this case, had they done so--that I had reported them to PETA--I would have then had cause to sue them.

We painted the rig, slept very little, constantly worried for our physical safety whenever we walked outside, and generally confirmed, for the umpteenth time, that most of the human species sucks major ass. But we also confirmed that not all of the human species sucks major ass. And a tiny percentage doesn't even suck minor ass. Two such gems were our neighbors, who were absolutely invaluable in coming to our aid. It is true: you really find out about what you've got inside when the shit hits the fan. But you also find out what others have inside as well. Most cut and run. Most suck ass--major and minor. But again, not everyone.

The month off provided me some very necessary shifts in attitude and perspective as well concerning my writing, this blog, and my online efforts to be seen and read. Essentially, most of it is a massive waste of time and life. I've been banging my head against that brick wall long enough. It's time for it to stop, and stop for good.

I will maintain this blog, and TLCAC, my little subreddit community; and I'll continue to write and publish. But if I am never read, or my fractals aren't ever looked at, or my subreddit never grows ... you know what? To hell with it. It's not that important, if it has any importance at all. The hell Kye and I went through last month was enough to convince me of that for good.

I am proud of who I am and what I've accomplished. I'm by no means a perfect man; I've got some pretty definite flaws, but commitment, perseverance, dedication, and love aren't among them. I'm also not to bad at writing and editing. I'm blessed in a thousand different ways every single day. That's enough. That's more than enough.

Discover me or don't; read me or don't; in the end it doesn't matter. I give thanks to those of you who regularly drop by, who consider me and my work worth your time. You're part of those thousand blessings I receive. You're more than enough.