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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pierwalker Log: July 24, 2018

Writing start: 9:48 A.M.
Finish: 3:22 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 1700
Edited (est.): 5800 + Montaigne xscribe


1. Failure: Align edit chapter six

2. Book Three Melody: 500 new words
Notes: One must remember that by definition it is impossible to explain the unexplainable.

3. Watson: Primary edit number three of chapter nine
Notes: A little better. I'm thinking of putting this project back into the hold queue after the primaries are completed. We'll see.

4. Love Story: 600 new words
Notes: This is a cornerstone chapter, I've come to realize.

5. Ant story: Off till 8/4.

6. Fractalverse: Off

7. Firefly: Off

8. Gilligan: 600 new words
Notes: There will be parallels with Lost. But then, Lost borrowed heavily from Gilligan's Island.

Special. Montaigne Transcribe: This paragraph is a great reminder that even great writers can really screw the pooch sometimes. I don't think I've ever read a more confusing, grammatically twisted, run-on paragraph as this one, all basically fellating Alexander the Great, who was a monster of a human being, not the hero Montaigne (and apparently many others) thinks he is.

Extra notes: Got some research to do now on using primer and other DIY things. I'm very intimidated.