Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pierwalker Log: July 14, 2018

Writing start: 10:14 A.M.
Finish: 3:09 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 300
Edited (est.): 11200


1. Failure: Off till Monday

2. Book Three Melody: Off

3. Watson: Read-through
Notes: I may be closer to the end of this chapter than I first thought.

4. Love Story: 300 new words
Notes: Slow-going today.

5. Ant story: Primary edit number one of chapter two
Notes: I love this chapter.

6. Fractalverse: Off

7. Firefly: Read-through

8. Gilligan: Read-through

Special. Montaigne Transcribe: Off

Extra notes: I wake more often than not these days in what Kye and I have long since termed "people rage." It's when we can't let go of the utter stupidity, malice, insensitivity, cruelty, bigotry, and indifference of the human species at large. It festers inside us, making it impossible to get back to sleep.

Trump's illegitimate, malicious "presidency" has definitely had a major impact on me. I honestly can't see how it wouldn't with anyone even remotely sane or conscious. Which of course makes me wonder how many others near me are having people rage. Not many, I'm sure.

Of course, I'm using that rage to power my creativity, to give it volition and voice. I refuse to silence my art or to round the edges off it, or to standardize and sterilize it for safe suburban consumption. Suburbans are the ones responsible for Trump, top to bottom. Not just his "presidency," but all of him. Suburbans worship his money and power, and think that he's some sort of role model. They watched his vile "Apprentice" show and propped his celebrity up. They went to his casinos and bought his rancid beef and bought his bullshit ghost-written books.

And now, the world teeters on the very brink of annihilation.

Great evil requires a whole mass of ugly supporting it in order to exist. The same isn't true for great good. Donald Trump sits illegitimately in the White House today because a whole mass of ugly put him there. You, suburban, put him there.

Fuck you.