Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pierwalker Log: June 5, 2018

Writing start: 10:34 A.M.
Finish: 4:10 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 1300
Edited (est.): 6900

1. Failure: Primary edit of chapter 20
Notes: A little work is needed to tighten up the plot. I don't anticipate any problems.

2. Book Three Melody: Off till June 12

3. Watson: 300 new words
Notes: Tightening of the plot in this chapter, I think. A little more direction.

4. Love Story: Off till June 23

5. Ant story: 400 new words
Notes: More description. I want the reader to feel like he or she is ant-sized.

6. Dread Pirate Roberts (2): Primary edit number one of chapter 5
Notes: It leaves off in a "Wait! What happens next?" fashion.

7. T-Bag: 600 new words
Notes: Progress on Theodore's new quest. Trying to keep the focus on his humanity.

8. Fractalverse: Volume 5: Off till tomorrow
Notes: I can start on it finally!

Extra notes: A nice, quiet day today. Good production.

We began season six of Lost last night, arguably the greatest single season in television history. I know that materialists had--have--the bigger megaphone, and that when it was aired they howled and howled about how disappointing it was, but the truth is, they were, and are still, I'm convinced, a minority viewpoint. Many more, silenced and cowed by their craptastic howling, found season six as wonderful as Kye and I did, and still do.

We've watched it at least five times now. It's as great now as it was then.

I've harped on it many times, but it bears repeating. This culture won't survive unless we in it learn to adopt deep appreciation for things and people, and learn to eschew the shallow approach of simple consumption.

It looks like a lost cause, that. (Pun intended.) But I shall hold out hope that it isn't, that there are others out there who feel as we do, who have given up possessing more, more, more and have learned to value and appreciate a select minimum which bring happiness and contentment, along with spiritual growth and intellectual challenge, to their lives. Maybe you're one of them.

I can hold out hope.