Sunday, January 27, 2019

Noticing Is Much More Important Than Thinking

We spend our lives exhaling. And then we suffocate.
Is there an off switch? One thought leads to another bleeds to another concedes yet another.
We cover the world with them, and then wonder why we're so miserable.

Inhaling is an art. Noticing is an art. Appreciation is an art. Listening is an art.
Very difficult. Requires commitment and discipline. Demands persistence and patience.
Cogs don't need to know them, so they aren't taught in the factory schools.
Certainly no teacher of mine ever bothered, or ever even bothered pretending,
or pretending even to care.
They probably suffocated years and years ago.

TedX video a few months ago. Speaker says, "Noticing is much more important than thinking."
I often use that in my daily meditation.

Noticing is much more important than thinking.
If we shut up, externally and internally, maybe God can get a word in edgewise.

Noticing is much more important than thinking.
A truly quiet minute is like a fresh battery in my being.

Noticing is much more important than thinking.
How much useless bullshit have I layered the world over with?

A day counts only if I count it.
Counting it means I notice it, appreciate it, listen to it, hold to it, love it.
Else it was a waste,
throwing gold coins into eternity.

My purse is becoming light.

A picnic table top near Bandon, Oregon, that requested to remain anonymous.

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