Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pierwalker Log: March 7, 2018

Writing start: 10:54 AM.
Finish: 3:50 PM.
Total new words (est.): 600
Edited (est.): 15,100


1. Book Two of Angel: Stage 2 edit, two chapters

2. Failure: Off

3. Book Three Melody: Finished Primaries and sent chapter 10 to Kye!
Note: It took two months to write this chapter, which comes in at just under 6K words.

4. Watson: 300 new words
Notes: Finished chapter 4! Primary Edits start tomorrow!

5. Slum: 300 new words
Notes: Difficult writing. Gruesome.

6. T-Bag: Off

7. Love Story: Off till Saturday

8. Rumpel: Off till next Tuesday

Extra notes: There is greatness, and there is bestness. The second term isn't recognized. I use it anyway to describe the degree of untrammeled, honest, authentic effort given to a personal project beyond any concern with approval or approbation from others.

I work for the highest degree of bestness each and every day. Some days are better than others; but it's the habit, the discipline, the honest effort that counts.