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Monday, March 5, 2018

Pierwalker Log: March 5, 2018

Writing start: 10:24 AM.
Finish: 3:30 PM.
Total new words: 1100
Edited (est.): 18,400


1. Book Two of Angel: Stage 2 edit, one chapter

2. Failure: 400 new words
Notes: I believe I have found where to end this chapter.

3. Book Three Melody: Primary edits chapter ten
Notes: One more primary, and I can find out what happens to Melody!

4. Watson: 400 new words
Notes: Information on our enigmatic Karl Watson today.

5. Dread Pirate Roberts (2): Primary edits chapter four
Notes: Primaries completed! Chapter sent to Kye!

6. Slum: Read-through

7. T-Bag (new fan-fiction from Prison Break): 300 new words
Notes: A good summary. Advancing the story arc seems a little less daunting now.

8. Rumpel: Off till Saturday
Notes: Using the new "whirlpool" method of deciding which fan-fic to write next.

Extra note: Yesterday's blog post was cathartic and affirming. I needed to think all of that out. I'm grateful I spent four hours of my day off writing and editing it.