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Friday, February 1, 2019

Unfocused Prayer

Time was,
I couldn't see.

Time was,
I couldn't taste.

Time was,
I couldn't hear.

Time was,
I couldn't feel.

Time was,
I couldn't smell.

Time was,
I couldn't think.

Not with my brain--
with my being.

With my spirit.

I'd learned to blow off the moments.
The truly important ones.
I paid attention instead to those I was told to pay attention to,
to those I was brainwashed to pay attention to.

How many of those truly important moments have I lost?
I weep when I think of it.

How precious is the span of a single day?
How precious is it to be conscious within it?
How precious is it to notice it?
How many of us blow those gifts off?

Noticing isn't thinking.
It's much more important.
Consumption isn't appreciation.
They are mutually exclusive.
Do one and you can't do the other.

How to appreciate this day?

How to play with the spirits around me?

How to sleep without dreams?

How to walk straightly and deliberately?

How to pray?

Photo manipulation, Shore Acres State Park, Coos Bay, Oregon, Christmas 2017

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