Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pierwalker Log: February 27, 2018

Note: due to personal issues yesterday, I did not complete a log entry

Writing start: 9:33 AM.
Finish: 2:50 PM.
Total new words: 700
Edited (est.): 18,200


1. Book Two of Angel: Stage 2 edit

2. Failure: 700 new words
Notes: A good story keeps getting better and better.

3. Book Three Melody: Primary edits

4. Watson: Off

5. Book Two Cheapery St.: Primary edits

6. Dread Pirate Roberts (2): Primary edits

7. Slum: Read-through

8. T-Bag (new fan-fiction from Prison Break): Read-through

Extra note: I'm certain the apathy that defined pretty much the entire class of 1980 at Poudre High School has not gone away, and that my Sunday essay challenging them will be yawned at if any one of them discovers it.

I can't help but wonder, however, if that would be the response were I a famous author.