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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pierwalker Log: February 21, 2018

Writing start: 10:21AM.
Finish: 2:20 PM.
Total new words: 1400
Edited (est.): 8100


1. Book Two of Angel: Off until Saturday
Notes: First draft of Trigger Warnings completed. I'll take a look at them later this afternoon.

2. Failure: 600 new words
Notes: It's slow-going, but only because of my priority system. This story has got its legs and it wants to run!

3. Book Three Melody: Off

4. Watson: 500 new words
Note: The first time in Lee's head. We get to learn how Karl Watson made his fortune.

5. Book Two Cheapery St.: Primary edit 1 completed!
Notes: A funny chapter!

6. Dread Pirate Roberts (2): Read-through
Notes: I believe I know where to end this chapter. Coming soon.

7. Slum: 300 new words
Notes: Pretty ghastly stuff.

8. T-Bag (new fan-fiction from Prison Break): Read-through

Extra note: I'm going to go through a document in a little bit here I've long ago titled "The Add-Ons." I go through it every six weeks or so. These are the notes and inspirations I jot down as I go through Melody's story arc. They have proved invaluable to me over the years. This current document is 6K words, but it's been much longer than that in the past.

Many authors chart their stories and plotlines. I would find that way too restrictive.

Extra note: I screwed up February 20's log, and ended up having to delete it.