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Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Consequential Being of God

From The God Conclusion (Keith Ward, 2009)
God does not unilaterally decide what is going to happen. In the series of events, each event prehends its immediate past and creatively projects its immediate future. Though there are many forms of coordination between events, and though they form organic wholes that influence the way they act, there is nevertheless no one determining Spirit that makes them act in a specific way. [The] universe is essentially open and indeterminate, and cosmic history is the result of an infinite number of separate creative acts, which may well conflict with one another.
     In this process there is an all-including divine experience, and in it all the experiences of all events are divinely prehended, sufferings and conflicts as well as enjoyments and creative collaborations. This is the consequential being of God, which integrates all finite experiences within itself. The existence of this consequential nature necessarily has a causal influence on the way things go in the universe. But it is precisely an influence, registered with different strengths and in different ways by each actual event, guiding the universe towards satisfactory outcomes, but always leaving the creative decisions to the infinite number of events which constitute its own being.
     ... [I]n both systems there is an inbuilt tendency towards the good, as Spirit seeks the most enriching and creative future for itself and for all its constitutive parts.