Friday, January 4, 2019

Brownian Motion Machines

Brownian Motion
noun, Physics.
1. the irregular motion of small particles suspended in a liquid or a gas, caused by the bombardment of the particles by molecules of the medium: first observed by Robert Brown in 1827.

It can't continue this way,
day to day.
It just can't.

It's what most people are, you know.
Brownian motion machines.
Slaves of the moment.
Haters of solitude.
Always in motion.
Hurrying here, festinating there.
Afraid to sit. To disconnect.
To think.
To meditate.
To appreciate.
To listen to God.

They refuse to look past the ends of their noses.
Most don't even go that far!
The skin of their foreheads is the frontier for most of them.
Pathetic pilgrims.

Freedom is negotiable.
Privacy is yesterday.
The cheapest and latest--
that's all that matters to them.
And likes.
It's what they've reduced themselves to.
Brownian motion machines.

Chains aren't needed.
If chains came with the latest "apps," however,
I have no doubt many would clap themselves in irons
and be happy doing it.

How many days lost?
This person ... and that one ... and that one.
Add them up, unique to each one.
Gone. Lost. In the billions.
Soul and spirit replaced with bits.
Love and laughter replaced with thumbs-up.
Community replaced with a virtual lake of consumption light-years wide
and infinitely shallow.
Sail away, morons!

What have we become, O Lord?
Why should I care what these digital sheep get up to?
They've tried to kill me so many times I've lost count.
I have almost nothing in common with them.
They call it "trans-humanism."
I call it Brownian motion machines,
each pinballing mindlessly off each other,
each soullessly, desperately seeking the next "like,"
each consuming without thought, without consideration,
without balance, without morals, without integrity,
without restraint, without decency.

"Trans-humanism": another word for

Brownian motion machines.


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