Friday, February 12, 2021

From Melody and the Pier to Forever: The Map of Aquanus

You can view the full map by right-clicking and opening it in a new tab. As the story arc progresses, the map will be updated.



AQUANUS IS a flat circular world some 13,166 miles (9,404 misons) in diameter, with a total area over 136 million square miles (approximately 69 million square misons). It is belted by two Great Piers, the east-west Pier known as Ae Infinitus, and the north-south Pier known as the Eternitam. Thin towering spires known as Sisters appear in regular intervals along each Pier; each is 66 miles (47 misons) tall. The Piers are composed of Infinitum, a partially aecxal element that is rare elsewhere on that world.
Aquanus is bound to a transparent aecxal sphere that holds five other flat worlds to its circumference as well: four about its equator and one each at the poles. Empty space separates these worlds. Both Piers continue on to these worlds through the Great Arches at the edge. The brave explorers who have made it to the Arches have never attempted to breach them or travel beyond. The Sisters continue on out there, in empty space, and are presumed to exist on the other worlds as well.
The world’s Edge is thought to be everywhere else unbreachable, save one spot (the Bay of Whoops).
Because of the Great Piers, Aquanus is separated into four congruent sectors known as Quarternia, each with its own ocean. These are: the northeast Verisimilius, the southeast Senecum, the southwest Apophthemariam, and the northwest Axelydas. Of these, it is thought the Apophthemariam to be the largest (in terms of total volume of water), the Axelydas the smallest.
In addition to being connected to other worlds belted by the Great Piers, each Great Arch is transuniversally tangential to a world beyond sight and time. Edge Storms, whose cause is entirely unknown, have been known to open these “Tangents.” It is thought that this is how Aquanus came to be populated by its rich and enormously varied plant and animal life, as well as sentient life: humans and Keepers (to name just two).

The Invasion of Aquanus
In 27S-736 a massive armada was seen sailing north out of both the Melanchthon and Malucifericam seas from the Gyss. Its leader, the Mathematician Necrolius Anaxagorius, found little resistance as his forces spread northward. The death toll is not known, though it is thought to number in the tens of millions. The government, known as the Imperium, now rules the whole of Aquanus, though, against official decree (pain of death), rumors persist of a single kingdom that has survived at the Eastern Edge and led by a king known only as “the Red Talon” (nickname’s origin unknown). It is also unlawfully rumored (pain of death) that said ruler is a Mathematician as well.
These rumors have been shown to be baseless.